Fabrics for Racing Shell Covers


Polyester/Fluorocarbon TNT is a 100% solution dyed polyester fabric with a fluorocarbon finish, resulting in a fabric that is breathable, water repellent and has a luxurious hand. Because the yarn is solution dyed, color fastness is exceptional. TNT is the ultimate fabric that combines strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and UV resistance. TNT can be used for many outdoor applications such as marine tops, trailer covers, awnings, gazebos, canopies patio furniture and anywhere that a breathable fabric is needed. TNT is raising the bar on solution dyed fabrics.

Backed by a 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

TNT is 11 ounces per square yard and is dimensionally stable. The solution dyed polyester fabric won’t fade for 5 years and provides superior strength compared to other solution dyed fabrics. Because of this, it is ideal for any application. This fabric is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

TNT Polyester Flourocarbon


Acrylic Coated Polyester
TG is an acrylic-coated 100% woven polyester fabric utilizing a proprietary process to coat both the top and bottom,thus allowing the fabric to be Not breathable. It is characterized by excellent strength, durability, tear and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, UV and mildew resistance. TG is the ultimate coated fabric that provides unrivaled durability, tear and abrasion resistance. TG can be used for many outdoor applications such as marine tops, trailer covers, gazebos, canopies, tarps, playground equipment covers, BBQ grill covers, patio furniture and many other useful applications.

TG is 11 ounces per square yard and is dimensionally stable. The specially formulated coating will not crack or peel in the widest range of heat and cold, and is available in a wide variety of popular shades – from bold and bright to soft and neutral.

TG Coated Polyester


100% Acrylic
Sunbrella Fabrics are the benchmark for beautiful, durable and functional outdoor use. Sunbrella Fabrics are perfect for awnings, umbrellas, shade structures, marine canvas and upholstery for outdoor and indoor applications.

Sunbrella® is a popular brand of acrylic outdoor-use fabric offering very good UV resistance. It is guaranteed against fading for 5 years. However, Sunbrella does not have good abrasive resistance quality.

Sunbrela  Acrylic


Polyester with PVC coat
Our Solution Dyed Polyester is commonly used for a variety of outdoor applications, most notably for boat cover material in the marine industry due to the fabric’s inherent UV and mildew resistance. This rugged urethane coated polyester fabric is easy to clean, features abrasion resistance and is environmentally friendly.

Solution dyed polyester is a popular, economical choice for applications including marine tops, trailer covers, gazebos, canopies and tarps. This fabric is also often used for manufacturing playground equipment covers, BBQ grill covers, patio furniture and luggage.

Polyester PVC


100% Nylon with Urethane coat
Our Nylon is a versatile medium-weight, flexible nylon fabric. This water repellent nylon fabric has a DWR finish and a clear polyurethane back coating that make our nylon ideally constructed for a variety of applications. Military gear and tactical vests, sporting equipment and duffel bags are common uses of nylon cloth. This nylon fabric is also an ideal choice for manufacturing backpacks, horse blankets and chaps. Durable and multipurpose, our nylon pack cloth fabric is also used in hunting gear, table and dust covers, flags, banners, laundry bags, and many other custom cases and covers.

Nylon is not acceptable for use on zipped or storage covers due to its tendency to shrink, as well as its poor UV protection. Not only will nylon not protect from UV, the colors will fade quickly with sun exposure.