Top Rowing Accessories To Protect & Organize

There are many benefits to having the right accessories when it comes to racing and sculling. And, there are numerous benefits to keeping your shell clean, and the foremost is you’ll feel better when you row in a clean boat. In most cases the better something looks the better we take care of it. And the more we reduce the wear and tear on the hull, the better performance we can get out of it. 

rowing accessories

In addition to choosing the right racing shell cover, the right rowing accessories are equally as important. Rowing accessories like slings, hoods and bags are part of an essential support system made to help carry, protect and organize everything you need to row. And, here at Racing Shell Covers, we offer a custom line of rowing accessories designed to meet the many storage and transportation needs of you, the rowing shell owner.

Our goal is to bring you the very best selection of high-quality, yet affordable products. Some of the rowing accessories we offer include rigger bags, velcro or zipper cradles, detachable fin hoods, carry all duffle bags and more. And, each offer their own unique benefits including:

  • Detachable Fin Hoods. Easily attached over the fin of your boat with velcro.
  • Carry All Duffle Bags. Made to carry your covers, slings and more. Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, our carry all duffle bags are made to carry everything you need with style.
  • Velcro or Zipper Sling Cradles. If the cradles on your sling have been worn out, you can replace it with our customizable velcro or zipper cradles. Made from Polyester/Fluorocarbon, extremely tough and are not going to fade.
  • Oar bags
  • And more

For each and every one of our accessories, we focus on visual appeal, durability, ease of use, price range, and a number of other factors specific to the product line. We also make all of our rowing accessories completely customizable. After all, looks matter when it comes to the rowing world. Choose the fabric, logo, tip and tail colors, embroidery details and more! 

In addition to great looks, we also ensure durability and quality for each and every one of our accessories. Every product we offer at Racing Shell Covers has been tested by our team of outdoor experts for quality.

Looking for the perfect accessories to protect and organize everything you need to get out on the water? To learn more about our rowing accessories and the many products we sell, please give us a call at 732-236-0435 or contact us.

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