Getting Back on the Water With a New Rowing Shell Cover

Months of being off the water through the Covid-19 shutdown has finally ended for many U.S. Olympic hopefuls across the country. Have you just started to get back on the water as well? Has your boat been sitting, collecting dust all summer long as Covid-19 swept through the country? Have you recently switched to a single well boat to socially distance while out on the water? We can custom create a rowing shell cover to fit your boat! With uncertainty looming for both the rowing community and the world at large, it is important to find consistency and dependability wherever you can. Here at Racing Shell Covers, we have the rowing shell covers to protect your boat in storage and in between rides. While it is important to understand how small our rowing-related challenges are in the big picture, there is one important step to protect your beloved boat; a high quality rowing shell cover. 

rowing shell cover

At Racing Shell Covers we understand that everybody’s circumstances are different, so we work with each of our customers to support their unique needs. With Racing Shell Covers you can rest easy knowing you are getting the very best for your boat. With more than 30 years of experience in pattern making and 10 years of experience making boat covers, our owner Alex brings his technical knowledge to every single cover. We are proud to offer the best fit rowing boat cover for your needs, including accessories for transportation and protection of your rowing equipment. Whether you own a single well or multi-person boat, we have the rowing shell covers for you. All of our covers are made to your exact boat dimensions and are customizable by:

  • Fabric
  • Body Color
  • Tip & Tail Colors
  • Embroidery Initials
  • Logo
  • Lining
  • Crew Weight
  • Rigger Type
  • And more

Our rowing shell covers are designed to not only look great but to extend the life of your boat; protecting it from damage during travel and during storage. Our high quality covers will add years to the life of your boat and ensure it’s protected today and well into the distant future. 

Are you interested in learning more about a better rowing shell cover for your boat? To learn more about the products we sell at Racing Shell Covers, please give us a call at 732-236-0435 or contact us today!

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